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Safe space

We can create a safe and comfortable self-quarantined environment, in your desired neighborhood, with a selection of apartments, penthouses and villas prepared to Covid19 healthcare guidelines. If you wish to self-quarantine at home, then we can prepare everything you need in advance for your comfort and safety.

Kitchen comforts

We can ensure that your grocery and shopping deliveries are ready and waiting for you, just pre-order your household requirements in advance with us, and we will take care of everything before your arrival.

We can provide essential items in our welcome pack to your rental property.


Pharmaceutical and medical needs taken care of with private doctors and healthcare check-ups. We can ensure access for Covid 19 tests, serological tests, generic blood checks, or any urgent medical assistance.

Covid 19 vaccines will also be offered in due course.

Home gym and fitness

Keep yourself active and stay on track with fitness goals with our personal training and sports supplies. We can arrange for home gym equipment from yoga mats, bands and weights to elliptical bikes and running machines.


Stay in touch with ease with our convenient communication services. We provide local Israeli SIM cards for mobile phones complete with foreign call packages, mobile data and internet access.

We also arrange for video-on-demand and subscriptions for international television stations to make you feel at home.

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